Changes the default DNS domain name to the name specified. nslookup set port: Changes the default TCP/UDP DNS name server port to the value specified. nslookup set querytype: Changes the resource record type for the query. nslookup set recurse: Tells the DNS name server to query other servers if it doesn't have the information. nslookup set retry

Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers. Or, read our configuration instructions (IPv6 addresses supported too).; If you decide to try Google Public DNS, your client programs will perform all DNS lookups using Google Public DNS. How to configure DNS for Internet access in Windows Server Apr 17, 2018 [SOLVED] Creating a DNS Record with a port number Dec 11, 2013

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Listed DNS Servers - port forward Please consult this page, if you do not know which DNS servers to use. If you know the IP addresses of some DNS servers that are not listed on this page, please post that information on our Forum. Thanks! Google DNS Primary: Secondary: DNS servers and firewall - UpCloud

How to Verify Connectivity to a DNS Server. Although DNS traffic can use either TCP port 53 or UDP port 53, UDP is almost always used because it is more efficient for short communications. Because Telnet always uses TCP, it is not useful for testing UDP DNS connectivity.

The Windows 2012 DNS Server must be configured to prohibit Jun 30, 2016 Configuring DNS on Cisco Routers - Cisco Sep 30, 2008