I have two network board in my pc: The main one has the local ip -> The secondary ones has the local ip -> The main one has internet connection and the second one is connected to a device with the IP, it has a http server in port 80.

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Indeed, port forwarding is arguably even more vital for eMule users than it is for torrenters. But implementing port forwarding on eMule is not as easy as on most torrent platforms. That is because eMule uses UPnP to automatically make its way around local firewalls like Windows Defender. When you port forward, it is necessary to disable UPnP.

Windows 10 Firewall Control shows you a dialog to determine an external port (the port on the hardware device to "forward" from), an internal port (the port on your computer to "forward" to) and a protocol (TCP or UDP). "Sync with External Router" allows Windows 10 … Change the listening port in Remote Desktop | Microsoft Docs When you connect to a computer (either a Windows client or Windows Server) through the Remote Desktop client, the Remote Desktop feature on your computer "hears" the connection request through a defined listening port (3389 by default). You can change that listening port on Windows computers by modifying the registry. Start the registry editor. Boat Window Replacement, Port Windows & Boat Portlights

How to Set Up Port Forwarding on a Router (with Pictures)

How to Port Forward | Digital Trends May 27, 2020 Windows 2012 Firewall Port Forwarding Jan 03, 2014 Download Simple Port Forwarding 3.8.5 (Free) for Windows PCWinTech’s Simple Port Forwarding (SPF) is a free networking tool designed for all versions of the Windows operating system.. Port forwarding is made simple using the Simple Port Forwarding software.This program automatically changes the IP setting to static, avoiding broken forwarded ports, while enabling a functioning DHCP.