Mar 27, 2013 · Enter the LiveID that you wish to obtain the login history for and solve the HIP check then click "next" From the next screen select the appropriate response (email, phone, or I cant use any of these) This will take you into the Automated Validation Process. Follow the prompts and fill out the information as fully as possible.

How do I check the login history for the email account Based on the above description, it appears that you’re trying to view the login history for the email account. Before we proceed troubleshooting this issue, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions. How To Check if Someone Else is Using Your Gmail Account Apr 09, 2020 How to Retrieve Your Deleted (Or Archived) Emails in Gmail It's better to archive a Gmail message than to delete it. Here's how to restore an archived email message: Step 1. Retrieve Archived Gmail You can't open your Gmail archive the way you can open your Trash folder. But that doesn't mean you can't access archived emails in Gmail. You can find Gmail emails in your archive with the All Mail option Bing - Search History

Checking your Gmail Access History . Have you ever wondered if someone is looking your Gmail? Users configured their Gmail seurity for 2-Step Verification don’t need to worry about this. If you've neglected to use strong passwords in the past, or you leave your computer running unattended, it’s not a bad habit for you to peek in here every time you access your Gmail.

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Charles 34, I have the same issue having someone try to login from Thailand. The weirdest thing is that every time the notification pops up on my phone, I open it, and the notification is no where to be found in my gmail app! I've also changed my password, but this concerns me. Yahoo! Mail, a free e-mail service offered by Yahoo!, allows its users to view their login history by signing into their email account anytime they want. This unique feature of Yahoo Mail provides users with an opportunity to see message history in terms of when the message was created and by whom. Sep 03, 2019 · How to Check Gmail Login History on Android. Open up your Gmail app, and tap the three horizontal lines at the top-left of the page, then choose ”Settings” near the bottom. You will be taken to a page that shows any and all Gmail accounts associated with your phone at the time. Tap on one of the accounts. Why Check Gmail Account Last Login As google is a cloud-based email service therefore it cannot just automatically block the unauthorized IP addresses and devices from logging into an account. They would however block the legitimate users each time they used a different device or changed their smart phone devices.