Jan 30, 2016 · backlog queue NAPI poller. The per-CPU backlog queue plugs into NAPI the same way a device driver does. A poll function is provided that is used to process packets from the softirq context. This NAPI struct is provided during initialization of the networking system. From net_dev_init in net/core/dev.c:6952:

Understanding Linux Network Internals [Book] If you've ever wondered how Linux carries out the complicated tasks assigned to it by the IP protocols -- or if you just want to learn about modern networking through real-life examples -- Understanding Linux Network Internals is for you. Like the popular O'Reilly book, Understanding the Linux Kernel, this book clearly explains the underlying concepts and teaches you how to follow the actual C [RFC 0/7] Add support to process rx packets in thread The linux scheduler cannot move it to a different core, even if the CPU on which NAPI is running is heavily loaded. This can lead to degraded wifi performance when running traffic at peak data rates. A thread on the other hand can be moved to different CPU cores, if the one on which its running is heavily loaded. [PATCH] tg3: driver sleeps indefinitely when EEH errors

Linux networking stack from the ground up, part 3

Mar 18, 2019 Richard Kelly Functionality in - Intel Common Functionality in the 2.6 Linux* Network Stack 5 Functionality with NAPI (Current Kernels) NAPI aimed to fix the problem outlined above by using a combination of interrupt and polling rather than just a pure interrupt driven model as used in the non-NAPI case. NAPI is now built into the kernel and enabled by default in a typical Linux setup.

Nov 28, 2016

Jun 22, 2016 firefox - Is there any web browser with NPAPI plugins Download the tar.gz JRE package for Linux from Java.com and store the file in the Downloads folder in your home folder (i.e. ~/Downloads). It will be of the form: jre-8u121-linux-i586.tar.gz for the 32 bit version. Choose the 32 bit or 64 bit version according to the version of Firefox ESR you downloaded. Linux Networking - Stony Brook University