A sweet friend of mine came across this today. The website was able to answer immediately any question she asked, and knew of secrets and private information. As soon as she realized the source was demonic, she got off the computer. I recall a prank website like this from college last year. It might have just been that, and it works like this:

Jul 13, 2015 · New website knows all about you epickert@tennessean.com Published 7:47 p.m. CT July 13, 2015 | Updated 9:38 a.m. CT July 14, 2015 Founder Drew D’Agostino’s profile on Crystal Sep 10, 2013 · I wish sites like this would do a double-sided challenge-and-response type of authentication instead of this overbearing "give us everything and we'll let you know if we agree that you are who you Mar 17, 2020 · You get to know about the hosting provider, the physical location of a website, the IP Address change history of a website and the DNS information. Netcraft also offers similar reports. reversewhois.com — The reverse whois lookup will help you determine other websites of someone . Dec 02, 2016 · YOUR web browser knows a terrifying amount about you, and this clever site highlights exactly how much of your data you are handing over. By Aaron Brown PUBLISHED: 15:01, Fri, Dec 2, 2016 Google knows more about you than you might think. Here's how to keep it from tracking your location, web browsing, and more. To delete everything, you need to select the Delete activity by Maybe you think it knows your browser, your computer type, your connection speed, maybe even your computer type. But it turns out that the server can see almost everything: How you move your Creepy website (coincidentally) knows my name? page: 1. 7 2 3 4 >> log in. join. share: ofNight. posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 06:42 PM link

Dec 22, 2019 · I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of having a digital version of myself that knows everything about me yet possesses an intelligence that’s somehow separate from my own a little bit intriguing—but mostly terrifying.

Mar 29, 2018 · How to download everything Google knows about you Digital Original If you use Google services, there's a really easy way to download everything you have stored on the company's servers.

20 Creepy Websites - Do you want to get some ugly or creepy internet experience today and looking mind disturbing websites the here I am coving 21 scariest websites for you, that can give you goosebumps, Here I also cover red room, humen experiments, gore collection popular sites and etc, lets check scary websites

Apr 08, 2020 · The stream of Facebook privacy scandals may have you questioning how much the social network and other tech giants actually know about you. Here's a hint: practically everything. Mar 27, 2019 · It is a well-known fact that every business needs a website to be successful in this day and age. For many, this is hard to face because a lot of people simply don’t have the skills to build one themselves. You do have the option, of course, of paying a developer to do this for … 10 things you NEED to know BEFORE you build your website. Read More » A local radio station put out that there is this website that has a lot of personal information about you and how to delete it. My wife told me about it this morning so I looked myself up. Sure enough, there is way too much information about me on there. They can also hold little bits of data: A cookie might save you the trouble of having to pick a particular city every time you visit a weather website, because the site knows what you picked last 19 hours ago · Everything you need to know about the Instagram’s new Shopping Features Imagine that a million stores just for you selling the things you are likely to buy. That too on the socializing app which you spend your time liking your interests.