He can't be bought, and he can't be bribed, and he can't be tricked, as he is the Light, and he has the Light beings on world, and off world on his side, and on the side of humanity. Love, and Compassion, and Empathy is the Key to your salvation. So have a Bowl of popcorn and …

Maxis Created The Agent family is a Maxis-made family that was once downloadable from the official The Sims website. It was released in Thursday, May 4, 2000. The household is made up of six adult Sims, apparently unrelated to one another. Instead of personal names, their first names indicate that they work for various US government agencies - such as the FBI and CIA. Little is known about Family Life. Because of the secrecy involved with their work, CIA agents are a tightly knit community. Unlike other federal government employees who work on the GS pay scale, the CIA has its own pay structure and plan for recognizing agents' achievements. The CIA pays a housing allowance for agents on assignment and helps with dependents May 08, 2016 · It’s sad, but it’s the truth. If a CIA agent dies undercover, there won’t be a funeral unless the agent had a family to host a small one. The government wouldn’t want to make it public, then all the bad guys would start to seek for undercover agents and try to wipe them out. Mar 14, 2012 · The agency provides support for employees and their families and offers briefings for spouses and partners on the CIA’s mission, benefits and overseas security services, according to CIA spokesman Dec 03, 2013 · The point is that CIA case officers date each other because they can trust each other to be secretive. They keep sexual relationships in the family. They keep sexual relationships in the family. 12-03-2013, 09:04 PM

Philip Agee: Former CIA agent who accused his government

May 20, 2015 · On the tenuous relationship between CIA officers and agents: It’s kind of like kids that come from a bad family — if you have a broken family and you have an abusive parent you’re gonna

CIA employees and their families find themselves living in unfamiliar, unpredictable, unfriendly, unhealthy or potentially dangerous surroundings. Some are asked to endure hardships and inconveniences never experienced by most people. Some are placed directly in harm's way in service of their country, living and working in areas of the world

Why the CIA doesn't spy on the UAE - Reuters The United Arab Emirates finances the military leader trying to topple a United Nations-recognized government in Libya. It helps lead a coalition of nations imposing an economic blockade of Qatar How to keep your marriage going when you're in the CIA 2012-3-14 · The wife did tell me that it can be tricky for the employee to ask his own employer for help -- they might be concerened it could hurt his career. In McLean, Elizabeth Sloan, a marriage counselor, has worked with dozens of CIA couples over the years, and so many have gone to her and others. — Do All Jobs With the CIA Need to Be Kept Secret? | Work