Personal Computer (PC) games like Desktop Destroyer Game have been around for some time now with different websites facilitating their availability.. Whether for self, group or family entertainment, Desktop Destroyer is the game suitable and interesting to everyone.

PC Smash - Play PC Smash online at Ever felt like kicking your computer? Do you hate the blue screen of death? Let out your pent up frustration without having to clean up. Click to punch the computer: keep clicking to destroy it completely. Ah, sweet revenge!; Action; Action; Flash Games; Fun; Funny Games; Office Games; Simulation Destroy Computer - Destroy Computer Flash Games Online I Love My Computer: Destroy Pork: Cricket in the Computer World: Destroy The World: Destroy the Wall 3: Defend Your Computer: Point&Click&Destroy: My Friend The Computer: Skate N Destroy: One: Skate N Destroy: One: Mr.Smith v.s The Computer: Crush Kill Destroy Dance: Computer Croc


May 30, 2019

Dec 18, 2019

very dangerous batch, will destroy your computer!!!! 04-07-2011, 06:51 AM #1 what this will do, if you leave it on long enough, is it will store itself in ALOT of your hard drive space, making it almost ZERO, then also use up all your ram as your computer goes through all the files, and crash your pc. this virus WILL REQUIRE YOU TO REINSTALL