Why Is My Internet So Slow? What Can I Do to Fix It?

What should I do if internet speed is slow when the device Step 7 Besides, changing the channel width can also help to increase the association speed. Step 8 If all above settings cannot help, it is necessary to follow FAQ 497 to reset your router, and re-configure it. Finally, if the 2.4G Wi-fi speed is still too slow, please report your case to TP-Link support: support@tp-link.com. Will hooking up two or more routers speed up my internet? For a router to work it must connect to a modem, which connects to a cable port on the wall that is activated by your internet service provider. 3. Modems are the source of your internet: Again Does Port Forwarding Slow Down Your Internet? - Internet

I have also disabled firewall on the router as there's a main router behind this RT-68U so the main router will handle the firewall function. After that's done, the internet speed on my laptop is still quite slow at 5 - 10Mbps tops while transferring files to my QNAP connected to the RT-68U gets me around 50Mbps.

When I connect my Netgear WNR1000v4 router, my download speed drops to about 65mbps. I am using a network cable (not Wi-Fi - although I do connect to to the Wi-Fi with my smartphone) and I am using speedtest.net to test the connection speed. I am using the latest firmware for the router (V1.1.0.28_1.0.1). Is my Wi-Fi slow because of my router or my ISP

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After he connected my telephone service, I went to speakeasy.net service to check my download speed (the cat cable was connected to the pc without the router) and I logged 25 to 30MB/sec as my