IPv6 Link Local addresses are identified among IPv6 addresses by reserving the left most 64 bits as 1111111010000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 (translates to FE80 in hexadecimals). IPv6 Link Local addresses are used by devices for communicating with other nodes on the same link. The scope of an IPv6 Link Local address

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I have a strange effect here, which I do not understand. Hopefully someone can help me. PS C:\\Users\\user1> ping fe80::219:bbff:fe0e:c600%16 -t Ping wird ausgeführt für fe80::219:bbff:fe0e:c600%16 mit 32 Bytes Daten: Zielhost nicht erreichbar. Zielhost nicht erreichbar. Zielhost nicht erreichbar. Z

FE80::1 is a Perfectly Valid IPv6 Default Gateway Address

Aug 13, 2014 linux - Link Local IPv6 address keeps being automatically I'm looking to prevent the IPv6 link local address from being randomly assigned. I'm not looking to disable v6 but rather statically assign my own link local. I've done ifconfig vboxnet0 inet6 add fe80::/126 and it works and I can do ping6 -I vboxnet0 fe80::1 and successfully ping my VM but then eventually I end up with 2 link local addresses networking - Linux assigns an fe80::/64 address to an The address space allocated to link-local addresses is fe80::/10, but the next 54 bits are defined to be all zeroes, so the effective range is fe80::/64. Which puts it in line with the usual custom for IPv6 addresses. RFC 4291: 2.5.6. Link-Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses Link-Local addresses are for use on a single link. Unicast Addresses > IPv6 Address Representation and