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BT Openzone doesn't work for me anymore / BT Openzone used to work fine but now when I'm on my travels it never does. I've tried it in various places (iPod Touch 4th generation). Sometimes the screen says I'm connected to the other BT customer's router but I still can't go to anything on the net. Other times it keeps on trying to connect but never does. Vodafone - BT Openzone WiFi: Does yours work? — Digital Spy I work in an airport which has a BT Openzone service, however I have seen a message on my screen telling me that my Vodafone allowance does not apply on this particular BT Openzone network as it's classed as a corporate one. What's the point in it really if it doesn't seem to work for anyone? 0. Solved: How does the BT Fon app work? - Page 6 - BT Community I've asked on here how does the Fon app work as I'd like to know more about this app. For example does it send any info back to BT that has nothing to do with a Fon/Openzone hotspot. It's not straightforward, but you can discover that for yourself. I'd already guessed that and have my own thoughts on this. I just hope it's not the same as BTDH

I am in a situation where I have BT Openzone access in my location which is great, it's fast, it's always on, it. Is. Awesome. However, I am unable to connect to Xbox live through by connecting to the BT Openzone wi-fi because Microsoft didn't make it a possibility to connect to a wi-fi signal and then log-in to that wi-fi. It's not difficult.

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