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AirVPN Review [2020 ] - Security-First VPN For Advanced Users Aug 16, 2018

AirVPN is a service that offers strong security features that rival the top VPNs in the market. This Italian-VPN provider’s story is that it was set up by “activists and hackers” to maintain users’ privacy. It also employs excellent encryption and safety measures and offers privacy …

Sep 05, 2016 AirVPN Review | A VPN worth your money? Find out here AirVPN is an Italian VPN provider, which proudly boasts how it was setup by “hacktivists and activists” pays an almost unrivaled concern to maintaining users’ privacy. I will start this review by noting that after using it as my personal VPN service for around two years, I am a bigger fan than ever of AirVPN. AirVPN Review [2020]: Good Choice For Torrenting The people at AirVPN call themselves “hacktivists” and they vow to ensure your privacy is secure at all times. AirVPN Review. AirVPN is actually quite a good VPN service, and we rank it 5th in our best VPN’s for torrenting list. If you are really privacy focused and … Privacy - General & Suggestions - AirVPN Hello Team, I must say Ive been very impressed with the speed of the connection and functionality of the client wrapper :cheer: I can tell because Im on 100 MBit/s down, 10 MBit/s up fiber-to-the-home line with my ISP. My router/firewall equipment actually manages to deliver at about 75 MBit/s do