Jul 16, 2016

There is also one free GPIO5 used by dir-615c1:green:wancpu led interface. This led interface is useless so we can just desolder r218 (located between q7 transistor and led10), remove led definition from mach-dir-615-c1.c recompile/reflash kernel and use GPIO5 as we want. Port Forwarding Software - Easy But Very Powerful Port Forwarding Wizard 4.8: This powerful port forwarding software will let you Infinitely port forwarding until the destination ip address is reached. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC OSX are all supported. Integrated http proxy function will let all of your computers share the same internet connection to surf How can I port forward my D-Link DIR-615? | Yahoo Answers Dec 26, 2007

How to Setup Port Forwarding on a Router?

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How do I configure port forwarding on my router? | D-Link UK

DIR-615 1,0,0,0 - D-Link Technical Support Contact Premium Support. This product has been discontinued. Free support for this product has ended on 01/31/2018 [Picture included] Problem with BT with DLink DIR 615. Apr 05, 2008 How do I configure Port Forwarding on my router? | D-Link UK Step 4: Click the Advanced tab at the top of the page and then click Advanced Port Forwarding Rules from the menu on the left-hand side. Step 5: Check the box beside the rule to enable the rule. For pre-defined applications, use the Application Name drop-down menu and click on the arrow button ( << ) next to the drop-down menu to auto-fill the DLink port forwarding and virtual server setup