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移植嵌入式Linux到ARM处理器:基本概念 - pudn.com 2006-12-27 · 我们应该使用arm-linux-gcc。 (2)调试器:GDB gdb是一个用来调试C和C++程序的强力调试器,我们能通过它进行一系列调试工作,包括设置断点、观查变量、单步等。 我们应该使用arm-linux … I.MX6 Linux udev porting-云栖社区-阿里云 2016-1-17 · /***** * I.MX6 Linux udev porting * 声明: * 在嵌入式产品上,我们可以使用mdev来解决热插拔的问题,同时也经常看到 * udev,所以尝试来移植一下,但是最终发现她会丢失内核 Custom Linux: A Porting Guide

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[PDF] PORTING OF LINUX KERNEL TO ARM PLATFORM | … In specific, this paper emphasizes on accessing the Linux Kernel code, studying in detail about the modules supported by OMAP - L138 microcontroller, Understanding Linux Kernel porting mechanism, Porting Uboot (boot loader) according to the target platform (ARM) that is OMAP - L138 chip based customized board. Linux Source code is modified as per the requirement and required peripheral …


I.MX6 Linux udev porting - zengjf - 博客园 2016-1-17 · /* ***** * I.MX6 Linux udev porting * 声明: * 在嵌入式产品上,我们可以使用mdev来解决热插拔的问题 ,同时也经常看到 * udev,所以尝试来移植一下,但是最终发现她会丢失内核阶段产生的uevent, * 这导致无法生成内核阶段产生的设备节点,目前采用了 Porting the Linux Kernel to Arm-面包板社区 Porting the Linux Kernel to Arm 推荐星级: 类别: 单片机/ 嵌入式 时间:2020-04-02 大小:107.14KB 阅读数:18 上传用户:978461154_qq 查看他发布的资源 下载次数 0 所需E币 5 立即下载 立即下载 资料介绍 Porting the Linux Kernel to Arm Server and HPC tools | Porting and tuning - Arm Developer Porting and tuning guides Detailed instructions for building many common scientific applications, benchmarks, and libraries to run on Arm. Arm provides two guides that describe how to port and optimize your application for Arm, in the context of High Performance Computing (HPC).