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Mar 07, 2020 5.8 PPP Connections :: Chapter 5: Configuring Your Network The options files in /etc/ppp/peers contain valid pppd command-line options. Therefore, you could run pppd at the shell prompt with these options as command-line arguments, and indeed, some distributions (like Red Hat Linux) use scripts to set up big pppd invocations, completely bypassing /etc/ppp/peers. ppp

If filename does not contain a slash (/), pppd will look in the /usr/lib/pppd/version directory for the plugin, where version is the version number of pppd (for example, 2.4.2). predictor1 Request that the peer compress frames that it sends using Pre- dictor-1 compression, and agree to compress transmitted frames with Predictor-1 if requested.

Linux PPPD Has A 17 Year Old Vulnerability That Could Lead Phoronix: Linux PPPD Has A 17 Year Old Vulnerability That Could Lead To Remove Code Execution It turns out the Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon (PPPD) used for dial-up models, DSL, and other point-to-point network setups on Linux has been bugged for the past seventeen years with a buffer overflow vulnerability that could lead to remote code execution at the system level ml-ppp bundle dies if initial link fails (even in 2.4.7) Linux kernels from the 3.14 and 3.16 branches (3.14.19 and 3.16.3 at the moment) and pppd 2.4.6. However, pppd is heavily patched as we implemented Dial-on-Demand over ML bundles, which is not possible with the stock pppd. I'm afraid I haven't found the time yet to send the patches upstream :-/ But you can look into them by yourself:

Linux and UNIX Man Pages. pppd(8) [redhat man page] PPPD(8) System Manager's Manual PPPD(8) NAME pppd - Point to Point Protocol daemon SYNOPSIS pppd [ tty_name ] [ speed ] [ options ] DESCRIPTION The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) provides a method for transmitting datagrams over serial point-to-point links.

GitHub - paulusmack/ppp: PPP daemon and associated utilities * Pppd now works better with 3G modems that do strange things such as sending IPCP Configure-Naks with the same values over and over again. * The PPP over L2TP plugin is included, which works with the pppol2tp PPP channel code in the Linux kernel. This allows pppd to be used to set up tunnels using the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. ppp-2.4.5-34.el7_7.x86_64.rpm CentOS 7 Download 2020-02-25 - Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.5-34 - Fixed buffer overflow in the eap_request and eap_response functions Resolves: CVE-2020-8597 2014-01-24 - Daniel Mach - 2.4.5-33 - Mass rebuild 2014-01-24 2013-12-27 - Daniel Mach - 2.4.5-32 - Mass rebuild 2013-12-27 2013-08-01 - Michal Sekletar … pppd - Unix, Linux Command - W3KI