Jan 16, 2013

Netflix users worry about potential VPN ban | TechHive VPN provider TorGuard also recently spoke with TorrentFreak to say it started receiving complaints about Netflix VPN blocking in December. Those TorGuard problems were apparently short-lived, but Russia Orders Major VPN Providers to Block ‘Banned’ Sites NordVPN, ExpressVPN, TorGuard and VyprVPN, for example, all declared in TorrentFreak’s 2019 annual roundup that they carry zero logs. As the companies in question consult with their legal teams, only time will tell which of the others will choose to comply with Russian law and begin blocking – or leave the region completely. Protonvpn Mac Client 👋EncryptmePros+

TorGuard, which provides anonymous bit torrent proxies, recently had trouble with PayPal, according to a report in Forbes. The company’s account was closed down after PayPal decided that the company was promoting torrent trackers. According to TorrentFreak.com, PayPal has been going after companies that provide bit torrent access, just as

Jun 26, 2012 TorGuard VPN for Torrenting - Torrent VPN “TorGuard” is a concantenation of “tor”, as in “torrent”, and “guard” as in… “guard”. In other words, in addition to the VPN package, they offer a streamlined one specifically geared to downloading torrents. They keep NO logs (they’re based in Panama). The only information they keep is …

TorGuard Spreads Online Freedom Worldwide

Jun 07, 2019